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20 March 2006 @ 10:56 am
I finished Bertram's Hotel this past weekend. I guess I shouldn't leave my reading for bedtime. I end up reading the same page several times before it sticks in my head.
I was expecting more of Miss Marple, afterall it was billed as a "Miss Marple Mystery". I was expecting she would be more of the Angela Lansbury character in 'Murder She Wrote'. That said, I found that Chief Inspector Davy was a Columbo character. Do you remember - or know of Columbo?
I'm tempted to go back and read some of this book again. I think I missed some important parts. That could because as mentioned before, I do most of my reading just before bed.
Maybe you can explain to me... How did Miss Marple and Chief Inspector Davy figure out that Lady Selena's mistaking people for other people was signicant? I figured she was just old.
Let's talk!!!
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14 March 2006 @ 09:01 am
I'm on Chapter 10. Elvira just visited the attorney Richard Egerton and then he called Luscombe to advise him to beware of a possible interest of Elvira in an unseemly boyfriend. I keep waiting for a murder - but no such luck.
Check out http://www.barnesandnoble.com/bookclubs/RG_cds2.asp?z=y&PID=2789&z=y&cds2Pid=9481&linkid=640575 and see if any of those books are of interest for a future book club.
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10 March 2006 @ 01:44 pm
Yep - I finished through Chapter 3 this morning. Shame on me... I read instead of exercising, but that's for a different posting.
First of all, let me say, I'm having a bit of trouble with the English accent. I am finding, for the most part, that when I read (as opposed to listen) to a book, my mind has problems until I get into the rhythm of the author. That's part of what I meant with trouble with the English accent. With Confessions - it took me until after our designated page to get into the swing. With Bertram's I'm coming around quicker. This is good for me - will help my mind stay young. I find books by current authors and/or current subjects easier. That probably has something to do with the popularity of King, Patterson and so on. What do you think.
Now for your questions...
I absolutely LOVE that Hotel. I want to go there! Victorian, but subtly modern. I guess I'd be on of the 'matrons' in the lobby and Joe would be off in the secret nook which housed the TV. I imagine that if Christie wrote this book today, she would have included a nook for computers too, or do you think the rooms would have computer access? Did you notice how she went into great detail about things that were designed to accommodate the old ladies? I couldn't help but wonder if that perspective came from the fact that Christie was 75 when she wrote it.
What great character studies she wrote. You didn't mention Lady Selina in asking about impressions, but I felt I really needed to include her. Much of the first couple of chapters used her as a focal point. She was quite the 'classic' busybody; knew everyone and something about everyone or at least thought she did. That is how Christie let us know about the other characters. Bess Sedgewick, I believe (and don't tell me if I'm wrong) is Elvria's mother. She is quite the free spirit, but her sudden retreat back into the elevator when she saw Elvira and Mrs Carpenter gave me pause for thought. I haven't made up my mind about Colonel Luscombe. I guess I never really make my mind about any character until a book is over. Anyway, he seemed very uncomfortable with his role as Elvira's godfather. I'm not sure what else to say about him. Elvira definitely has something up her sleeve. I don't like her. She's in cahoots with the James Dean character that came in the lobby and left. I suspect they are in some money making scheme together.
Are you laughing at me or thinking "How perceptive my mother is"?
Oh - another question you asked about the employees at the hotel - I want Henry. Besides that I found the ee's to be well trained in providing these pampered people what they want - pampering. I wonder if I'd get tired of having someone know what I wanted before I even asked for it. They have a lot of pride in knowing their clientele as well as they do. All part of what makes the Bertram a wonderful place.
I hope I've answered and discussed the book in the way you were hoping. I anxiously look forward to your responses.
Momma Buruzi

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08 March 2006 @ 12:19 pm
I know you haven't started At Berterm's Hotel yet, but here are a couple of questions to keep in mind as you start it:

What was your impression of the hotel as Christie describes it?

What did you think of the interaction among those inside the hotel (the patrons among themselves, and the patrons to those who worked there)?

What did you think of Colonel Luscomb? What did you think about Bess Sedgewick? What did you think of Elvira? What did you think about the interaction between Elvira and Luscomb?

This all happens within the first three chapters. The first being mostly a description of the hotel setting and those who are in it. I'm going to keep what I thought to myself until you've either answered, or let me know that you've read up to at least Chapter 4.
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08 March 2006 @ 12:58 pm
Confessions when I see that it is on the night stand in your room? Did you forget it? You could have said "Hey Mom, I really don't like this book, so I'm not going to read it". I may have given you a little bit of a hard time, but at least you would have been honest with me.

Well, I'm almost finished my 'inbetween' book; a book I'm reading in between COUS and Agatha's book. I have about 50 pages left and Agatha is next on my list. Hopefully we'll be able to start discussing that soon.

No Ninja for me
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26 February 2006 @ 02:51 pm
It would seem that we have picked a less than exciting book for our first Buruzi Read. Cris hasn't updated the title, but we are reading "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister". We started it several weeks ago with the idea that we would try to read to around 130 during the first week. I made it there yesterday and I think Cris said she's not there yet.
I think the book took an awful long time to get going. I've finally found the rhythm and am motoring along. It took this long to begin to see the connection with Cinderella. It might have been better that it wasn't billed as the other side of what happened to Cinderella, but in all honesty we probably wouln't have chosen it otherwise.
So far I would rate this - Just OK, but that's better than a week ago when I would have said I didn't like it at all.
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09 February 2006 @ 09:08 pm
I show up as a member (which is a good thing). A couple of observations:
hoyden - High spirited, boisterous, or saucy girl (I thought it was a slut)
rheumy - Arthritic, rheumatic, creaky (I thought this was snotty)
quay - a wharf or reinforced bank where ships are loaded and unloaded - I was right on this one
cudgel - a short heavy stick (I had NO idea; maybe a mug of beer)
serry - To crowd, to press together (with the fringe on top)
pashas - Used formerly as a title for military and civil officers (macaroni w/filling)

I hope this helped you as much as it did me!
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09 February 2006 @ 04:35 pm
So far, so good. We've picked our first book.

The month of Feburary will feature Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maquire.

We have about three weeks to read the book and work out any kinks we may have in discussion.

By Wednesday (Februrary 15) we should have completed and be ready to discuss up to pg 123-the start of Virginal

If there are any questions or comments about any section already read feel free to post even if its before the deadline. However, in case one of the group has not read up through that part please place the topic behind an LJ Cut with the chapter and aprox page number(s) that the topic encompasses.


To make an LJ cut, type the following before the section you'd like to place behind the cut:
<*lj-cut text="chapter 1 example pg 1-10"*>
Remove *'s and you're all set.

At the end of the peice put the following:
Again remove the *'s.

At the end your cut should look like this:

An LJ Cut!!Collapse )

And there you have your LJ cut tutorial.
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05 February 2006 @ 12:39 pm
Well, here it is, created and up and ready for business!!

Perhaps we shall start this early and do a book for Feburary just so we can work all the bugs out.

The way I have it thought in my head is that on Sunday we will decide on what chapters we will read for that week and as we get through them we can post comments, questions and whatever else comes to mind as we read, should we have a deadline to when we need to complete the chapters and have posted something? When should that deadline be? If its assigned on Sunday, then maybe the deadline should be Weds evening? Do you think thats enough time, or should we forgo the whole deadline all together?

Alos, I'll be futzing a little bit with the layout so its something we won't mind looking at as we read and post things to the community. Since Feb, is the month of pink, I've put a pink as the main focus.

Suggestions, comments post away below.
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